Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paintings: A Cornucopia of Unobtrusive Patriotism

A view of the palatial estate that serves as my studio, a world famous* icon known throughout northwest Oklahoma City as the Stu-Stu-Studio. America thinks the studio needs some spiffing up, and the way to do it is to have good Americans (Or anyone else. I'm not jingoistic like that and, in fact, I think the French, the Bretons in specific, are super cool.) support the arts by welcoming in the crisp, refreshing nectar that is a Bennett Berry painting from the Howell Gallery www.howellgallery.com. Do it because it's what your beloved pets and favorite sports team would want you to do. Do it with the quiet charisma of Michael Landon. Do it with aplomb, like all champions do.

*"world famous" only in northwest Oklahoma City, moderately famous elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi, I'm Sarah MacLachlan. Puppies Like Art.

In the absence of Thunder basketball and, hence, the absence of any quirky photoshops referencing Thunder basketball, I urge you to look to Sarah MacLachlan for guidance. She wants you to go to www.howellgallery.com and consider local art for your home. Otherwise, she'll put you in the arms of an angel. Her words, not mine. I'm not violent like that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buy Local Art, It's Solely Responsible for Puppies and Ice Cream.

Today is a great day to buy local art, and you can do so like a champion at the Howell Gallery. http://www.howellgallery.com 6432 North Western Avenue  Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 840-4437